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For more than 150 years designer and producer of high-quality religious devotional products, symbols of faith and hostbaking equipment

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  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Gebrauchtmaschinen

Stock exchange for used machines

Would you like to pass on any equipment from your host bakery, which is of no-use for your future business, to other host bakeries?
Or are you looking for a high quality used machine?
Contact us; we would be pleased to take up your desires.

Following our latest offer:

22Artikelbildfoot operated cutting machine

Typ HA-F-56
No. 1109
manufacturer: Kissing
year of construction: 1968
cutting size: 66 mm ø
15Artikelbildautomatic hostbaking machine HB-Aut-12

no. 27, year of construction: 1978
for hosts with thickness 1,2 mm - 2,5 mm
without engravings, electronical temperature control
possibility of simultaneous baking of brown and white hosts
technical details: 380/410Volt 50A 28 kW
size: 2,8 x 0,95 x 1,7 m weight: approx. 1,700 kg

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