Religious Devotional Products: Crosses, Car Plaques, motives for hosts, Hostbaking Machines, Manual Baking Process
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Karnevalsorden, Faschingsorden, Fastnachtsorden, Fasnachtsorden , Sportmedaillen, Pins, Pokale, Schwimm-, Marathon-Medaillen und Lauf-Medaillen - Kissing, Menden

For more than 150 years designer and producer of high-quality religious devotional products, symbols of faith and hostbaking equipment

  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Andeken
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Kreuze
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Autoplaketten
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Katalog bestellen
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Katalog runter laden
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Hostienbackgeräte
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Hostienmotive
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Manuell Backen
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Backmaschinen
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Gebrauchtmaschinen

Religious Devotional Products

Religiöse DevotionalienMore than 10,000 different religious images – amongst them also many places of pilgrimages like Lourdes, Fatima, Santiago de Compostella – belong to our delivery program…

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Production of Altar Breads

Since the year 1850 we develop and produce single devices and complex baking automats for the host bakery.
Video manual baking process
Video hostbaking machines

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You are looking for suitable religious products or hostbaking machines? Please do not hesitate to call Mrs. Meiser for further assistance.

Simone Meiser
Simone Meiser
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Uta Kissing
Uta Kissing
We are one of the market leaders concerning religious devotional products, symbols of faith and hostbaking machines. We export our products worldwide to more than 130 countries.

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