Religious Devotional Products: Crosses, Car Plaques, motives for hosts, Hostbaking Machines, Manual Baking Process
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Karnevalsorden, Faschingsorden, Fastnachtsorden, Fasnachtsorden , Sportmedaillen, Pins, Pokale, Schwimm-, Marathon-Medaillen und Lauf-Medaillen - Kissing, Menden

For more than 150 years designer and producer of high-quality religious devotional products, symbols of faith and hostbaking equipment

  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Andeken
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Kreuze
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Autoplaketten
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Katalog bestellen
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Katalog runter laden
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Hostienbackgeräte
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Hostienmotive
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Manuell Backen
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Backmaschinen
  • Kissing - Religiöse Devotionalien - Gebrauchtmaschinen

Frequently asked questions

  1. When moistening the cakes do not become evenly damp

    Try to increase the air circulation, e. g. by a small fan.

    When boring the lowest cake breaks

    This is a normal procedure. There is always something breaking off the lowest cake.

    The edges of the hosts are not bored neatly

    The drill is blunt. Please have a look in the operating instructions how re-sharping is to take place.

    The drill is getting very hot and discolours

    Please check whether the cakes are too dry In addition, maybe the drill is blunt and must be reground.

    When boring the ejector remains hanging

    Please check whether the drill has a depression possibly the hosts are moistened too weakly.

    When opening the baking equipment the cakes brake

    Please rub the backing plates with emery sands.

    Cleaning of the baking plates of hard covering

    Hard covering can be removed with citric acid.

    The edges of the cakes are not fully backed

    –       Possibly there was not enough paste poured up
    –       Gradually increase the paste quantity a little, until the edges of the cake are fully baked

    The cake remain sticking at the baking plate

    Please clean the baking plate and grease it with genuine bees-wax or with a special baking running wax. You can order these with us.


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